swamp fever expert 2nd attempt and hard rain 1st attempt review

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swamp fever expert 2nd attempt and hard rain 1st attempt review

Post  barney on Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:09 pm

and finally...we finished 4 campaign and now left only 1 more and its parish!

swamp fever 2nd attempt review

1st map
-we restarted 3 times but this time with more coordination than the 1st attempt
-going in pairs was much better
-if not mistaken all 4 went into safe room i think

2nd map
-also restarted 3 times
-the killer of this map was the swamp area and the stupid plane area.
-i remember when we saw tank that time at the broken house area, 1 down and 1 dead already and tank chasing aosh...i go to tofu and revive him back and then go safe skl. that one was good to kill tank

3rd map
-this one we also restarted 3 times.
-the killer area was the lowering the plank area and we passed that with flying colours
-tofu din manage to climb up the plank but he was also safe below
-one of the attempt i was the only one running to the safe room when tank was chasing i think and i was so near to it when stupid jockey jump on me
-i think all 4 went into safe room too

4th map
-this was the best
-we went to the mansion with ease
-i remember i killed the 1st 5 SI that we encountered after coming out from the 3rd safe house
-we defended inside the mansion superbly well when we called for the boat rescue.
-i didn't even refill my ammo after we killed the 1st tank. while waiting for tank to come i used only magnum to clear the hordes and when tank came i switched to primary
-know i didn't get hurt at all this map
-aosh was downe by tank but lucky tank become sohai and died in our hands. tofu came to aosh rescue
-too bad skl some how was down outside of the mansion after the 2nd tank died
-so in memories of SKL....hehe

hard rain 1st attempt review

1st map
-very unlucky to face tank when we just come out from the safe house
-everyone was so badly injured but lucky we got to the safe house in 1 piece

2nd map
-this map is the longest ever restart in l4d2. i think near to 10 attempts and most of the attempt we die on the hand of tank and witches
-restated until i get frustrated that i heal myself to green health and take 1 health pack out
-many of us died and was revive in a room always
-awaiting at the lift area was another killer area
-lucky all was able to get to the safe room but all in grey vision....geng
took us around 2 hours just to finish the 1st and 2nd map

3rd map
-we restarted this after i went to dinner with full health and 1 health pack each (kinda like cheat already)
-the best part was going up the lift and tank was waiting outside of the lift area...that 1 is sure death for us
-very disappointed that even with full life and 1 health pack each still have to restart a few times
-i remember tank was chasing me and the rest of them are down, i was near safe house and trying to get to the safe house asap but the stupid flood made my movement slow and tank was chasing up. then when i was about to reach safe house got jockey and hunter waiting for me. i manage to kill jockey but it was too late when tank came near me.
-but eventually we manage to escape together

4th map
-this map was easy coz he always had high ground to shoot the zombie
-so no problemo to reach the last safe house

5th map
-restarted 2 times i think
-very tricky when tank chasing us on the roof and SI was trying to catch us
-got 1 time when the 2nd tank died and we all tried to run to the boat, so unlucky the tank spawn near us and then 3 was down...again me was the last one running and manage to get to the boat but sad thing was the rock hit me and we din win the game
-eventually we played better on our last attempt. few was down few times and we all manage to play catch catch with tank and others try to bring the rest of them up (super team work here)
-when the 2nd tank died all waited at the truck near the roof for the boat to come, and the moment tank come and the boat is here....i throw pipe bomb and all started running. aosh was the last one trying to get on the boat but lucky aosh had green health when 2-3 infected tried to hit him...i shot the infected down and we escaped ALIVE! GOOD WORK GUYS!

and soooooooooooooo this come to the end of my review. good job completing 2 campaign in 1 day but we din manage to get to the last campaign parish but nvm...we will try out at cc and i believe we can finish this in CC! sticl to 2-2 formation and we will finish the escape together with glory!

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Re: swamp fever expert 2nd attempt and hard rain 1st attempt review

Post  aosh2tm on Mon Apr 05, 2010 10:01 am

alright! last campaign to go.

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Re: swamp fever expert 2nd attempt and hard rain 1st attempt review

Post  tofuemperor on Mon Apr 05, 2010 5:18 pm

both campaigns with many attempts to finish, hopefully the parish is will take us lesser time. playing in cyber is good but i suggest we go at normal rate instead of 3hrs package.

swamp fever
- the finale is surprisingly smooth without any near death at all
- after rescuing aosh in the mansion, he took injection and took off without me, leaving me taking all horde attack luckily barney from behind help me.

hard rain
- crazy 2nd map. how many attempts we also forget already: mainly witches took out 1 of the survivor leaving the rest weaken. I think I was chased by both tank and witch, later killed by the witch.
- 3rd map is actually quite easy. meeting the tank near at the sugar mill finished everyone. 2nd attempt barney almost make it to the safe house while escaping the tank. 1 jockey & 1 hunter at the entrance is really too much to handle. on the same scenario I made it instead but without SIs lurking around.
- the finale took 3rd attempt to pass. i remember on 2nd attempt, we all are at the jetty b4 the boat arrive, i guess this will activate the horde and tank coming right at us. not sure which attempt i also accidentally shot aosh thinking he is an enemy. Razz one of the attempts, barney even made it to the boat, but the tank projectile incapacitated him. but finally we all made it through with ALL SURVIVOR ESCAPED. cheers aosh almost didnt make when 3 of us are in the boat. somehow he is really slower than the rest. i kinda regret shooting down the zombies hitting him. Razz

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Re: swamp fever expert 2nd attempt and hard rain 1st attempt review

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