Deepavali Mahjong Results

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Deepavali Mahjong Results

Post  aosh2tm on Fri Oct 24, 2014 5:03 pm

Ok, the deepavali mahjong results a.k.a Tofu departure special

Aosh - 11 Wins [5 chi mo, 1 from Skl, 2 from Tofu, 3 from Barney]
Barney - 7 Wins [2 chi mo, 2 from Skl, 3 from Aosh]
Tofu - 6 Wins [2 chi mo, 1 from Skl, 3 from Aosh]
Skl - 5 Wins [5 Chi mo]

Bankrupts rounds:
Game 1 - Skl Bankrupt By Barney
Game 2 - SKL and TOfu Bankrupt By Barney
Game 3 - No Bankrupt

The Details as below:

RoundGameWinner ByPointsComboRemark
11AoshChi mo9Mixed Semi-Pure
2BarneyChi mo5All Pong
3SklChi mo8Mixed Pure
4TofuChi mo5
5BarneyAosh67 Pairs
6TofuAosh77 Pairs
7AoshTofu7Mixed Semi-Pure
8TofuChi mo5Mixed Semi-Pure
9TofuSkl6All Pong
10AoshBarney67 Pairs
11AoshBarney8Mixed Semi-Pure
12BarneyAosh6All PongSkl Bankrupt
213SklChi mo6Mixed Semi-Pure
14BarneyAosh7All Pong
15AoshTofu3Mixed Semi-Pure
16TofuAosh6All Pong
17AoshChi mo11Mixed Semi-Pure
18AoshBarney8Mixed Pure
19AoshChi mo8Mixed Semi-Pure
20BarneyChi mo8All PongTofu & Skl Bankrupt
321BarneySkl87 Pairs
22BarneySkl5Mixed Semi-Pure
23TofuAosh7Mixed Semi-Pure
24SklChi mo5
25AoshChi mo6Mixed Semi-Pure
26SklChi mo5All Pong
27AoshChi mo67 Pairs
28SklChi mo7Mixed Semi-Pure
29AoshSkl10All Pong Semi-PureDraw

Barney finally get his double kill
And Skl wins are all from chi mo 100%

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