Buildings and Units Preview

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Buildings and Units Preview

Post  aosh2tm on Fri Jan 10, 2014 12:46 pm

Let me give you a brief on what we gonna have for this game as follows:


Town Hall
The main and important building. Townhall must be protected at all times as it is important for gold generation and construct other buildings. Townhall gives 5 gold per turn and 1 Food for unit. If townhall is destroyed, the player won't able to construct new buildings and lost the major gold generation

This farm provides 5 food for units to be trained. Farm is needed alot as more units to be trained for defence and offenses

This is the primary building which trains most of the units. It allows to train one unit per turn per barrack.

Lumber Mill
Lumber mill will generate 1 gold per turn and unlock archer to be trained in Barracks.


The basic melee unit to be trained in Barracks. Footman has decent attack and defense. Footman also will generate 1 gold per turn as long as the footman is in the map. Footman has good defense against ranged units which received a reduce damage by 1

The basic ranged unit. Archer required to have Lumber Mill in order to be trained in Barracks. Same like footman, archer also generate 1 gold per turn.

More to come...

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