Progression updates on 2011

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Progression updates on 2011

Post  aosh2tm on Wed Mar 09, 2011 4:22 pm

OK, now that my wedding stuff is over we can have some good updates on what we gonna to do next on this forum.

1) Mahjong CNY has concluded, now I'm finding some images for the awards to give each of us who deserve them. Although ths year season is over, still can play to achieve other great awards and achievement.

2) The Detective Murder in the mansion and liar game tournament are still going on. Let's hope we finish these game and see who is winner for both games and also some awards for this whoever win the games.

3) RPG modules progression is in the discussion and awaits for more great ideas.

4) New Banner logo still yet to be changed. Getting someone to photoshop the banner.

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