Risk season 1 starts!

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Risk season 1 starts!

Post  barney on Mon Aug 30, 2010 11:17 am

Ok...we had our 1st round of risk last saturday at aosh house and the winner is BARNEY! Now here is how the game goes

and so....everyone did their mission to win the game....barney was sitting at south america and din really move my troops. Aosh was also moving around territories but din really kacoa people. skl moved and conquered africa and then tofu come with a big treat....decided to finish off skl and take his cards....and then come and take barney's north america too...to show his last mission. that was when barney moved and take over his australia so he wont win...and aosh doing his part....and then i did skl a favor by sweeping tofu clean off the world map.....WAHAHAHAHA! so it was down to just me and aosh but it was nothing aosh can do to stop my troops growing. and Barney won the game

tofu gigikatkat there saying he play wrong mision 1st la....din really attack barney la this la that la....sorry tofu...it doesn't matter if you almost won...losing is losing....waahahahahahhahah! sau pei la! Better luck next time!


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